Monday, May 30, 2011


After the donuts, I feel too blame and I need to save my soul... and my body.
So I decided to be a good boy (by now) and I am going to cook asparagus and ham roll.

Ingredients we'll need:
- 600grs green asparagus
- 6 ham slices (250 grs. aprox.)
- 1 olive oil tablespoon

I am thinking on a light dessert and I will have a skimmed yoghourt.

Let's get busy!!!
As the asparagus have too much bran, you have to cut them so not to cook the hard part of them. So, see the photo below to know how to cut the asparagus.

Wash and steam them for about 7 minutes since the water boils. in the case you have not the possibility to cook them by steaming, you can boil them instead although almost all the taste and vital properties of the asparagus will remain in the water.

Drain the asparagus. Place a ham slice as seen in the photograph to roll 6-7 asparagus per slice.

Insert a stick to avoid the roll open.

Pre-heat an olive oil tablespoon in a pan at a moderate temperature. Cook the rolls for a couple of minutes and turn them by using the sticks.

Do not use salt in this recipe as the ham is salted enough..
Enjoy it!!!

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